Who will benefit from CanDueTM software and app?

Students who have executive function challenges. Executive function challenges often and may appear in students with attention deficit hyperactivity differences (ADHD/ADD), dyslexia, auditory processing, autism and learning differences. Students from middle school, high school and college can benefit with CanDueTM.

What are executive function challenges as it relates to school?

Students with executive function challenges face difficulties analyzing, planning, prioritizing, scheduling and remembering assignments and tasks. They also have issues in managing and tracking time.

How will CanDueTm Software help? How does it work?

We believe all students have potential. Executive function issues can provide an obstacle to learning. Our goal is to minimize the issues of executive function challenges in homework planning and test preparations.

CanDue Software assists students with executive function in the following ways:

  • We quickly understand student preferences and homework time availability.
  • Student enters basic homework information.
  • Our software helps students prioritize or it can prioritize assignments.
  • Can break down assignment and test preparation into manageable parts
  • Schedules assignments and test preparation work
  • Track timing of assignments
  • Remind students of upcoming tasks and assignments.
  • Provides praise to students
  • Dashboard for students on upcoming assignments and track planning progress.

We believe that students CANDUE!

How can I get the most out of CanDue?

The key is to use CanDue consistently to plan your assignments and test preparations.  This will provide you a homework plan schedule and reminders on a daily basis.  If you have a plan with reminders, there is a higher probability that you will complete your assignments on time!  This will also build your executive function skills as you will learn to allocate time to homework, estimate how long it takes to c omplete an assignment and use a planning tool.

Will the software solve executive function issues?

CanDue software empowers students to focus on academic content and uses technology to assist students with key areas of executive function. Students with executive function challenges are not alone. Our software quickly guides students on planning assignments and will remind them of homework assignments and tasks. There is no singular solution to executive function issues and student motivation level is a factor. We know supportive parents, teachers, educational specialist and tutors make a big difference in the lives of students and technology can help!

Do parents, teachers, educational specialist and tutors have access to the software?

Yes! We know that a community of family and educational professionals is essential to a student's success. Parents, teachers, educational specialists and tutors can review student's progress on their dashboards. We know parents are busy and can sign up for notifications on the homework planning progress of their students. By allowing access, this fosters a collaborative relationship instead of parents constantly asking their child if they have planned or started an assignment.

How can schools use CanDueTM?

Teachers can use CanDueTM for their classes or selected students. We have teacher dashboards where an instructor can glance at a number students' planning progress at one time and focus on students who may need additional guidance and support.

How can educational specialists and tutors use CanDueTM?

Education specialist and tutors can access student progress on assignments via dashboards subject to parent consent. We know supportive parents, teachers, educational specialists and tutors make a big difference in the lives of students!

How should parents and educators be involved with their student in using CanDueTM?

As we all know, students with executive function challenges need encouragement, coaching and support. Depending on your student's abilities, motivation and progress, you may need to initially work with your student in using CanDueTM. You can check on student progress via your dashboard and work with your student accordingly. Over time, we all hope students will build their independence and confidence!